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Universal life

Universal life Insurance Plan is custom designed for you. It is Flexible to meet your Protection needs and savings Goals. It is an ideal solution for your personal or business insurance needs.

Why buy NGI-Universal Life?

It combines two important things that means so much to you: Protection and Investment in one!

How NGI-Universal Life satisfies your needs-Completely?

It features a life Insurance Coverage large enough to give you complete peace of mind:

  • Protection
  • Investment
  • Total Flexibility
What benefits NGI-Universal Life offers you?
  • Provides immediate cash
  • Supports your family’s finances in case of contingencies
  • Covers inflation
  • Funds your children’s education
  • Provides retirement income
  • Settles your business obligations
  • Guarantee return of investment
  • Has Flexibility

You may:

  • Increase / decrease premium
  • Start / stop premium any time
  • Use cash value to maintain cover
  • Automatically increase annual life cover
  • Switch life cover to savings, which ever you prefer
  • Opt to have NGI pay your premium if you become redundant

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