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Credit Insurance

NGI in partnership with Coface – a Paris based Credit insurance provider – is proud to offer protection for receivables through the Globalliance Credit Insurance Policy plus Credit Ratings on potential buyers of goods and services.

A buyer may become insolvent or be in protracted defaults in payment. Political Risks, War, Natural disaster or economic difficulties could make money transfers difficult, leading to non-payment.

The Credit Insurance Policy offered by NGI would cover all these risks.

Policyholders can also avail recovery services provided by NGI through the Coface International network.

What is Credit Insurance?

Credit Insurance protects companies and financial institutions against customer defaults. It is a guarantee that our Policyholder will be paid, subject to the merchandise shipped or services rendered to their customers.

By assuring payments, Credit Insurance can strengthen a company’s balance sheet and enhance the borrowing power helping companies to grow their business.

Straightforward Credit Insurance for growing business

In a business climate that is fiercely competitive and increasingly unpredictable, your ability, as a growing enterprise, to safeguard against bad debts and to ensure the safety of your cash flow assumes greater significance.

The Credit Insurance that is being offered by NGI will help you in dealing with the eventualities of non-payment by your customers either at home or abroad and thus ensuring your cash flow.

One simple policy to cover your domestic and export trade

Our Insurance Policy will give you the option of combined protection against the risks of both export and domestic sales, all insured under one policy with an indemnity level of up to 90 percent of your whole turnover.

Globalliance tailor made security via Coface’s unique worldwide infrastructure

NGI Credit Insurance is a Coface Globalliance contract, a flexible policy that can be tailored to your Company’s specific requirements, regardless of size, type of business and countries of operation. The modular structure of the Policy enables extending your cover to protect your trade in markets abroad.

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