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Don't risk your future.
Act now and protect yourself today.

NGI offers a selection of four plans Emirates, Emirates plus, Global and International to accommodate the different coverage requirements of its subscribers.

Emirates Plan

Emirates Plus Plan

International Plan

Global Plan

Healthnet products can be tailored to meet the requirements of you and your family. We offer a range of medical insurance plans and healthcare solutions to suit your requirements and your budget.

HealthNet Network

HealthNet network includes a wide and extensive network of medical providers in the UAE and abroad. In the UAE alone, there are more than 1,500 providers enrolled in our network on direct billing including hospitals, medical centers, clinics, diagnostic centers, laboratories, pharmacies, and others. We have also established direct billing agreements with SEHA providers in AUH and we continue to secure contracts with DHA health facilities as well.

The main objective of medical network management is to “foster a cost effective network of quality medical healthcare providers all over the UAE and overseas that caters for the different needs of our insured members at all levels of healthcare; primary, secondary, and tertiary care while maintaining an overall acceptable average claim cost”.

The emphasis is on delivering cost effective quality health care that meets the demands of our insured members, promote their wellbeing, and improve their clinical outcomes.

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  • Dedicated Service Commitments
  • Strong Financial Capability
  • Exceptional value
  • Knowledge and Expertise
  • Plan Choices
The HealthNet Referral System

HealthNet is structured in such a way that the Insured Persons can first of all visit a General Practitioner (or gynecologist for ladies and pediatrician for children). Any person requiring specialist treatment will be referred immediately to the appropriate specialist (usually on the same day) thus reducing work time lost due to waiting for an appointment.

This system encourages the efficient utilization of healthcare resources. This means the family doctor becomes the focal point for the patient and assures that the person is treated as a unique individual and concentrating on his/her complete medical history and healthcare requirements.

Alternatively there is direct access to specialist consultation without prior authorization when visiting a facility within the HealthNet network.

  • Large claim management by liaising with doctors and hospitals to ensure cost-effective management of critical or long-term illness and hospitalized employees.
  • Supervised Care
  • HealthNet healthcare insurance does more than just pay medical bills. HealthNet actively looks after the health of its members by promoting health related issues.

If any HealthNet member should suffer from a long-term or serious illness then HealthNet will assign a HealthNet supervisor to the case to co-ordinate with the doctors and hospital to ensure that the most beneficial and efficient treatment is provided. Since all HealthNet supervisors are trained and qualified doctors, they can answer questions, provide advice or just simply be there as a friend in need if required.

Direct Payment Facility

HealthNet pays all of its Network doctors, clinics, hospitals, laboratories and pharmacies directly. There is no need for our insured members to pay out of their pocket or fill out complicated and time-consuming claim forms. This also helps the employer to remove the administrative burden of coordinating the settlement of staff medical claims with the insurance company.

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