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Life Invest

This unit-linked investment insurance plan is specially designed for the intellectuals and businessmen who are more interested in investments rather than insurance. Life Invest provides you an open platform to invest in the International Funds. 0% allocation charges throughout the paying term with starting bonus, loyalty bonus are making this product unique in the market. Life insurance cover included in basic plan is free of charge.


Special Provisions

  • Whole of life investment linked plan, providing investment till age of Ninety-five (95) years.
  • Premium paying term from three (3) to thirty (30) years with multiple paying options.
  • Full spectrum investment funds choice to go with your risk appetite.
  • Shari’ah compliant funds.
  • No allocation charges throughout premium paying term.
  • Liquidity and access to your money from day one.
  • Starting bonus to give your saving a head start.
  • Loyalty bonus for sustained policies.
  • Top-up with additional investment.
  • Unlimited fund switching and redirection of future premiums at no extra fee.
  • Life Insurance Cover free of charge.
  • Additional (Optional) life insurance benefits to cover natural death, accidental death, disability, and critical illness (forty diseases).


Plan Type: Whole of life investment-linked
Benefits Free Life Insurance Cover (max. limit as per policy value)
Additional Benefits Additional Term Insurance , Critical Illness, Accidental Death Benefit & Disability Benefit
Minimum Premium
Mode Minimum Premium
Monthly 550 150
Quarterly 1650 450
Half-yearly 3300 900
Yearly 6600 1800
Plan Term Whole of life (Up to age 95 years)
Payment Method Bank transfer / Cheque / Credit Card
Payment Term Minimum: 3 years Maximum: 30 years
Minimum Age at Issuance 1 year
Maximum Age at Issuance 75 years

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